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It's been some time since I've been active here. Things happen in life that throw you this way and that, but I've learned there is but one truth: You shape yourself not from what happens to you, but how you react to what happens to you. I've spent so much of my life just letting the happening, well, just happen I suppose. I was a lump of clay, being molded by the hands of people who had no business shaping me. I'm thankful for my photography, as it has served as an outlet, a channel through which my true self shone through. Recent circumstances have been as difficult as they come for me, but I refuse to let these outside forces dictate the way I want to live. This is why I've become dedicated to several things in the past few months.

A couple of weeks ago I hit the road at 3 AM to photograph Portland Head Light at sunrise. It has been a moment I have wanted to capture for several years now, but never worked up the motivation to make the trip. I realized that life is too short to put off what's important to you. No matter how big or how small, if it is going to bring you happiness, put a smile on your face even for a second, get out there and do it! Sure, the photos weren't spectacular. It was foggy, muted and dark. But that's not important. In the roughly 4 hours I spent wandering around the grounds of Fort Williams Park, I was in my own world. No sounds but the waves crashing on rocks and the occasional bird singing. The beacon of the lighthouse, piercing the fog as it rotated again and again. The cool sea mist whispering across my face the sweet sound of personal accomplishment. I set out to do something, and did it. And I will do it again. What a beautiful morning it was.

I have also recently dedicated myself to fitness. I used to row in High School and College, and that sport taught me indispensable lessons on the value of dedication, hard work and perseverance. It is a sport that will forever be in my blood. This previous winter, I decided I was going to get back into the shape I was in my rowing prime. I set goals for this summer to top all of my old personal best times on 9 different erg pieces, and bike 1000 miles (I did 500 last year, and am looking to improve). I have been going to the gym and working the erg regularly, eating well and doing what I can to stay active. I go on walks on my lunch breaks at work. When the TV is on, I do 20 pushups every time there are commercials. So far I've already bested my old PR's on the 100m, 1K, 5K, 4 minute, 20 minute and 30 minute, with only the 500m, 6K and dreaded 2K left to conquer. I've hit almost 200 miles (with a 105 miler planned out to do very soon) and have lost about 20 pounds. It feels amazing! If you haven't yet, do yourself a favor and get living. Do what you like. Dedicate yourself to something important to you. Do things to help yourself, and more importantly help others. Live your life according to YOUR plans. It'll open up the doors to a world where anything is possible. It's only been a couple of months for me and I am living with so much more purpose, and with a clear picture (pun intended) of who I really am. I hope I can encourage anyone who reads this to get up and do the same.

Thank you kindly for reading and viewing my site. I hope you'll take a look at my photos. I've posted several of my favorites from my Portland trip under the "Portland Head Light" gallery, and another one of the rocky shore under "Nature in Action". I will be sure to try and keep more of a presence here on my site than I have in the past. I've told myself I'd do it before and failed to, but I'm through making empty promises. I plan to live, be active, and PHOTOGRAPH.

Stay true everyone,



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WINTER http://danforgetphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/2/winter Suffering from the winter blues. Frigid temperatures, piles of snow unrelenting and days on end working with no days off anyways... my creative side is being snuffed out! Just wait until the warmth comes... my camera will be out for vengeance! mark my words!

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Back at it... http://danforgetphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/back-at-it After a long lull in creative photography from my end, as I've been busy with working and photographing the Ravens, I finally got back at it. With a day off from work, and finding myself in the Monadnock region with Winter headshots all finished, I had an afternoon to myself to explore the region I had left a year prior, with foliage season in gear as a bonus! Taking the long way home back to Merrimack, I made stops in Bennington, Wilton and Milford along the old Hillsboro branch of the former Boston and Maine Railroad, my bread and butter. It certainly reaffirmed in my mind that I'm no city guy, rural New Hampshire is my favorite place to be. I've attached a preview photo of the set I took, keep an eye out for a full group to be posted soon!

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Happy 4th! http://danforgetphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/7/happy-4th Happy 4th of July to all!

I entered a photograph in the Merrimack Rotary art contest at today's festivities, and was voted first place!

Thank you to all who cast a vote!

The photo below of Baboosic Brook in Merrimack at sunrise was the winning shot.Two Stones - Merrimack, NH

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Recently... http://danforgetphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/6/recently Haven't been up to an awful lot recently, job searching is consuming most of my time at the moment! I've been toting my camera with me however on walks with the dog, and have encountered a couple of coal trains down the street as well as a nice fog at sunrise, at least giving me some photo ops! fingers crossed for finding a job and taking the stress away, as even though work will keep me busy, it'll make it much easier to just get out and photograph.

-Dan, 6/10/2013

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